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Sparkling Sake – Shin Pairs 5 Sparkling Sakes and Songs To Rock NYE

Shins sSparkling December 2016 A

As the year comes to close and all the recollected events, goals, and memories stir around in the mind, be sure to grab a much deserved sparkling sake from TRUESAKE to unwind and celebrate for the holidays! Whether it be with your family, friends, a cuddle buddy, or just treating yourself for all the hardwork you've done throughout the year, heres a a list of songs paired with sparkling sake to make your night a little bit bubblier.

1) "Sake Mountain"
Hakkaisan Mountain Sparkling Nigori
"Ain't no Mountain High Enough" - Marvin Gaye Tammy Terrell
A classic that will surely have you feeling a lighter on your feet. So bring that sparkling sake to the dance floor!

2) "It's okay to cross the bridge"
Gokyo Sparkling Ne Ne Five Bridges
"Gooey" - Glass Animals
Still trying to convince your friends that champagne isn't the only celebratory drink? Pop and pour this in their flute and they'll be cheering for more!

Shins sSparkling December 2016 B

3) "Popping Peaches"
Ozeki Hana Fuga Flower Harmony
"Peaches and Cream" - 112
If you've never had sparkling sake before, what better way to pop your peach than with Hana Fuga Sparkling!

4) "Floating on Bubbles"
Choryo Sawa Sawa Gentle Winds
"You Sent Me Flying" - Amy Winehouse
Its date night and you aren't sure how to set the mood... Spin the top off this here Sawa Sawa and let the feelings take hold... with a little help from Amy.

5) "Fire and Ice... Hold the Ice"
Ichinokura Suzune Wabi
"Listen to the Night" - Kenny Burrell
The night is winding down and the kids have been put to bed, now it's time to ignite the fire place and drop the needle for a smooth and soothing night.

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