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Beau-Zone Layer

Sasaiwai “Sake Celebration”
From Niigata Prefecture. Muroka Junmai. SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.6

Say hello to one of “those” sakes that are really fun to write about and review. I really feel that there is a profound movement in Niigata Prefecture that is a push away from the tradition clean and pristine sake that drinks dry and gone. Breweries today are playing more with body and structure, and no sake represents this movement better than this extremely flavorful Junmai that is unfiltered (in this context, it means un-charcoal filtered of Muroka) and has a plump acidity. My word for this sake in my reviews is “Unique.”p>

I rarely use that, but it is totally applicable to this sake that has sooooo many flavor expressions that it is hard to define. How do you write a concise review when the brew just keeps talking and talking? There is a secret sweetness of ripe peach after a gentle sour beginning that has a very complex delivery. Enjoy this “new expression” sake from a new importer, and try your best to write a personal review. I dare you! I double dog dare you!

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