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Beau-Zone Layer

Tedorigawa “Silver Mountain”

From Ishikawa Prefecture. Yamahai Junmai. SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.6

Beau Zone June 2017 D

Okay Okay! You’re right! This is the brewery that was featured in the Birth of Saké movie. And yes, that movie has done a lot for sales of Tedorigawa sake. But no! That is not why I selected this great sake. I picked this Junmai to celebrate Junmai Month at True Sake, and to welcome you to Ishikawa style Yamahai sake! What? You’ve never tried a Yamahai sake from this particular prefecture? Are you mad? Do you consider yourself a sake drinker? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then tasting this Junmai is definitely on your “Sake Bucket List.” Ishikawa is known for getting the funk! The brewers in the area love their big and gamey sakes that are extremely HUGE in presence and flavor. These are not your clean and pristine brews that drink quick and dry. No, rather they are your sakes with huge noses of wet wool, nuts, earth tones, and all of those forest floor aromas. They are funky! Each sip of an Ishikawa Yamahai is a walk in the wild. There are flavors galore on fluids that are usually very rich and full-bodied. This Tedorigawa Yamahai is no exception, but it doesn’t have all of that junk in the trunk, so it is a great “gateway” Yamahai. You get all of the feeling and flavor, but you don’t get that mouthful of funk-bomb. So enjoy getting funky with this brew that has been in the movies!

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