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Beau-Zone Layer

Konteki “Tears of Dawn”

From Kyoto Prefecture. Daiginjo. SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.4

Beau Zone July 2017 D

One of the goals for True Sake is to get folks to start buying cases of sake! You buy cases of wine, so why not buy a case of sake? Especially when some cases are only 6 bottles! If you are ever thinking about going the case route then this brew is for you! A great tasting sake that is packaged oh so well! This clean and layered Daiginjo speaks to white wine drinkers who like a little fruit but more of a clean and somewhat dry finish. These “Tears” are like liquid gold and Konteki does so well in a white wine glass. It is a very smooth sake that talks the complexity that wine drinkers seek out in the their grape juice. And I love the bottle! Squat and pounded glass that makes for a great gifting sake. So get your case on! And remember whenever you buy a case from True Sake you get a 10% discount right off the bat!

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