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Sake Archives April 2017 A

Hello Sake Lovers!

It's time for another stroll down memory lane... This time, on a B-List holiday focused on fooling your friends and colleagues (or in our case, customers!). Our founder, Beau Timken, has quite the funny bone. He loves playing tricks, so April Fool's Day is one of his favorite mediocre holidays. I have personally experienced these jokes that continue to fool. I have had numerous customers call excited about "carry-on" single serving sakes available for airline travel. The first time, it was amusing to figure out that these sakes were actually non-existent, but the second time this occurred; I experienced quite a backlash from the embarrassed customer. They said that single serving sizes are very popular in the spirits industry and that she has been longing for a sake alternative in small format. Here is the exciting article that keeps on "giving":

Sake Sizing - New Airline "Carry On" Single Serving Sakes

Here is a little game of sorts. Read the next two articles and decide which one is pulling your leg...

Sake Archives April 2017 B

Space Sake -- Sake From Another World

Sake Bummer - Thank You Our Dear Government!

In my opinion, the best, most classic antics of all were in-depth articles on serious sake pairings with McDonald's specialties, as well as that time Beau first announced our True Sake Spa...

Sake Tomfoolery - Why We Didn't Fool You on April 1st

That's it for this month! Glad we didn't trick you this time? ;)

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