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Sake Love

Welcome to the 150th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this historic and romantic issue take a look at the loving side of sake, but first read how you can help True Sake remake our website, then get into the emotional side of romance and sake, check out 5 love sakes and 5 out of love sakes in the Top 10 List, go mining in the Sake Archives with KJ who discovered some very racy Valentine’s Day articles from the steamy hot past, take a peek at a special holiday assortment of very unique sakes that KJ will reveal to those who are True enthusiasts, read about another Sake Course in SF with John Gauntner, be the first to try sakes made this year in our New Store Arrivals Spring Nama Flight #1, go Beau-Zoning with a special V-Day sake that speaks to all of you new world sake drinkers, and find out if BT would consider another book effort in Ask Beau.

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In this issue:

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