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Sake Moments – The Luck of the Irish!

The day is here! That one day each year when indulgence in booze is almost as large as Thanksgiving’s over indulgence in food. St. Patrick’s Day is that day! And no we haven’t seen green sake YET! (I’m sure it will be coming soon) But on the day when everybody wants to be Irish, perhaps it’s cooler to be Japanese. On a side note, lots of my Irish friends enjoy sake, but like my Russian friends, they say sake is too much like drinking water! They need a bigger kick! Ha! So in this newsletter we will do a Top Ten “St. Pat’s Day” Sakes that will focus on color and how strong sake can be to help you overindulge in a responsible fashion.

Sake Moments March 2017

KJ will also pick some St. Pat’s related articles from our True Sake Newsletter Archive to shine a light on this rare and timely topic. So remember your Blarney Stone, your Shamrocks, and your Irish Springs as you try to incorporate an ancient Japanese rice libation into a holiday built for the Irish. Or don’t! Just treat the 17th as another great Friday night to enjoy a killer bottle of sake and leave all of the green stuff to the other folks.

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