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Sake Seasons – May Is The Official Month of BBQ

Sake Seasons May 2017 A

April showers bring May flowers! We all know that. But what do May flowers bring? Quick, somebody say “pilgrims.” No! May flowers bring pilgrims who were BBQers! And that is the true story how the month of May officially became the month of BBQ. Tell everybody.

In honor of this month of grilling awesomeness, we wanted to mention in various sections throughout this newsletter how sake is amazingly superb with all things that jump off the Barby. No kidding! Sake and grilled meats make the best dancing partners, and so do grilled veggies and seafood. Check out the TOP Ten section to see what sakes work best with your grilled everything. We don’t stop there! No sireee! Go spelunking with KJ who mines the True Sake Newsletter Archives to find PROOF that sake works with your BBQ.

Sake Seasons May 2017 B

Still not convinced that sake is the perfect partner for “BBQ Month”? Then check out the Secret Word this month. That baby should work wonders with your best grilled efforts. Need more proof? Man, you are being difficult! There is a hidden treat in the Sake Karma section that may also make your BBQ sing! But don’t take my word for it. Lastly, if you still are a non-believer, then check out our friends at Memphis Minnie’s who have been extolling this virtue for as long as we have been in business.

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