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True Friends – True Sake Supports Japan Town and Japanese Community

True Friends April 2017 A

For years, True Sake has dedicated time and hard work for the Japanese Community of San Francisco. We take pride in our effort to help special celebrations, events, protests (Save Japan Town) and other actions that extol the virtues of maintaining the oldest Japan Town in the United States.

It seems like yesterday when I was on the steps of City Hall with my white T-shirt that read SAVE JAPAN TOWN in big block letters to show our support of this amazing and historical part of our town. We’ve donated 100’s of bottles of sake for auctions, events, and promotions that benefit the Japanese community from schools and businesses to our very dear friends at the JCCCNC.

We believe and support a vibrant and growing Japanese community and that is why we have supported festivals and parades in the past and our very own Shinsuke represented this year at the Cherry Blossom Festival. His time and passion for this event is second to none! (And look at those arms!) Way to go Shin!

True Friends April 2017 B

And per usual we also heavily support the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California with all of the proceeds of our now famous Sake Day Celebration. This has delivered a nice chunk of change over the years and it wasn’t long ago that a certain (will not name) SF Supervisor presented True Sake with a large plaque for our help and assistance with the JCCCNC.

But wait! There is something that you can do as well! You can make your own Cherry Blossom donation to the JCCCNC by clicking the link here.

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