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Sake Archives June 2018 A

Believe it or not, as a sake connoisseur and professional I have come to the conclusion that my favorite sake category is NOT Daiginjo! Yes, I said it! I actually prefer less milled categories such as Junmai and Honjozo. These sake are wonderful cold, they are very expressive at a neutral room temperature and highly enticing when warmed. What other beverage out there can be served at 11 different levels of temperature?

Here is an article from last year when Beau-san picked some of his favorite Junmai in the month of June!

TOP 10 List – Ten Junmai Sakes Worth Their Rice and Water!
(June 2017)

Another great lineup of warming sake by our Store Manager, Mei:
Top 5 List - Mei's Five Favorite Warming Sakes (January 2016)

The last question before serving sake is, "What kind of glass should I use?" Your question is answered here:
Ask Beau - "What is your favorite sake glass?" (February 2012)

Sake Archives June 2018 B

One of my recent favorite Junmai discoveries is last month's Secret Word sake, Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai "Southern Beauty." It has tropical aromas with a rich body and a delicate, dry finish. How does rice and water do that??? The mystery continues... See you next month! :)

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