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Sake Archives – KJ Mines The Archives For “Amazing” Articles

Sake Archives A

Every month for the past 2 years I have been searching our archives for some of the most interesting sake information and history the internet has to offer. Sometimes I run into enticing reviews written years ago about unique sakes that are no longer available. This saddens me! But what makes me extremely excited is that fact that we have resurrected some of those alluring breweries this past month! Here is an introduction to the unforgettable Rokkasen:

"Opposites Attract. How Different Sakes Share Similarities." Top TEN Grillin' Sakes - (March 2007)

Here are a few more hidden treasures from the True Sake vaults... Takachiyo & Hitotoki!

"Sake Opportunites. Takachiyo Uses True Sake to Test Market" - (May 2018)

"Sake Reminders - It's Sparkling Sake Season!" - (June 2013)

Sake Archives B

"New Store Arrivals - February 2011" - (February 2011)

Come by the shop and ask us to show you all of the interesting sakes that are back on our shelves! We can't wait for you to try them!

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