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Sake Events – The 13th Annual Sake Day! (Tickets On Sale Now)

Sake Events – The 13th Annual Sake Day! (Tickets On Sale Now) A

Are you an “Early Bird”? Do you always get the worm? Then we certainly hope that you have already ordered your early bird tickets for Sake Day 2018. Tickets are on sale now and you already knew that! You also know that Sake Day sells out! Yup! Every year! So be a wise bird and order very soon, because we only have 250 “Early Bird” tickets, and since you people are our favorite and longest standing friends we want you to save a few bucks! But let’s not forget also that all proceeds from Sake Day go to the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California – a great group of people with a great mission statement and even greater souls!


Sake Events – The 13th Annual Sake Day! (Tickets On Sale Now) B

This year Sake Day will be held at Hotel Kabuki in Japan Town. How cool! You can literally buy tickets to the best sake-tasting event outside of Japan and then walk upstairs to your room! And it's not just any room, it's a totally revamped room that is the talk of SF. And guess what? We have special rates for these killer rooms. So please consider coming to SF for a great sake tasting, during the best weather time in the Bay Area, and staying in a hallmark hotel that supports the oldest Japan Town outside of Japan! And to think I said please! It’s a win, win, win!

*Huge Note to self – buy tickets now before they sell out!

Saturday September 29th!
It’s the future of sake!

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