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The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Okunomatsu Ginjo

Beau Zone A

The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Okunomatsu Ginjo
From Fukushima Prefecture. Ginjo.
SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.3

This is a very easy “Beau-Zone” Layer to write this month for the simple that this sake just shouted its name out to the sake world. Huh? Not only did this Ginjo sake win a Gold Medal at the International Wine Challenge, it won the Trophy for the best Ginjo at the tasting. But wait! There’s more. It also won the Champion Trophy for best overall sake at the world acclaimed sake-judging event. Best in show if you will! So who cares what I think about this awesome sake? All that you need to know is the price and that’s pretty much it! Then get a bottle or two and go home to taste the “benchmark” Ginjo of the entire commercially available Ginjo category. And if I must, of course I must, I will say that this brew has tremendous impact. It literally jumps out of the glass and shimmers in the palate. So flavorful, but also a great feeling brew that does better in a larger cup or wine glass. What more can I say? Taste the best!

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