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Top Ten List – Ten Great Sakes To Warm You up!

Top Ten List – Ten Great Sakes To Warm You up! A

Not sure if you noticed, but Punxsutawney Phil did see his own shadow on February 2nd! That adorable little rodent just gave you six more weeks of chilly winter. The east coast has felt it with three huge storms in a row, and the west coast is in the midst of a hail fest! It’s cold people! But we have an amazing way to warm you up! It’s now officially Warm Sake Season! Nothing takes the chill off like a very tasty sake that is perfectly warmed. True Sake is loaded with sakes that will do the trick. Herewith is a Top Ten List of sakes that will fill your cup with the tastiest sakes ever made for warming.

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10) Gekkeikan Cap Ace

  • This brew is the perfect warming sake for on the go! Just twist the cap off, nuke it, then pour it into it’s very own sake cup! Buy a case! Great to gift everyday to friends and family.

9) Otokoyama “Man’s Mountain”

  • Say hello to one of the best dry sakes in the business. From the very cold regions of Hokkaido this brew has been a warming stalwart for decades. Most today enjoy Otokoyama chilled, but it is a warming superstar!

8) Kirin Zan “Flying Dragon”

  • Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell anybody! But this Junmai Ginjo is a terrific sake to warm up. This is pure sake connoisseur stuff, as typically you aren’t “supposed” to warm a clean and pristine Ginjo from Niigata. Why the heck not? This sake rocks with heat.

 Top Ten List – Ten Great Sakes To Warm You up B

7) Hakkaisan “Hakkai Mountain”

  • It’s a classic for a reason! This honjozo is one of the top selling “pub” sakes in Japan for good reason. It is truly one of the best warming sakes in the business. I use it to make “tamago” sake when I am sick, because it makes me all better!

6) Denshu “Country Squire”

  • So you want to be a cool warm sake drinker? Then Denshu is the cult sake for you! Ultra-trendy in Japan this brew is hard to get and hard not to drink. When warmed it gets even more fad-like as it is a brew with it’s own spirit. If you are looking for brand name power this is your brew.

5) Urakasumi “Misty Bay”

  • When you are ready to take your sake warming in a new direction, this honjozo genshu will open your eyes and alcohol tolerance. At 19% this brew makes you all warmed up literally and figuratively. Rich and lush it makes your sake warming night right!

4) Harushika Shiboribana

  • Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Wait what? Did we just say to warm a nama or unpasteurized sake? Yes we did! We’ve been warming Harushika’s nama sakes for over a decade, and this Junmai Ginjo is defiantly in our warming wheelhouse.

3) Kuro Kabuto “Samurai Helmet”

  • Now wait a second! Are you saying that you can warm Daiginjo sakes? Well yah! You can warm any sake and we won’t call the police. This brew has some great honey tones that come forth with heat, and that shouldn’t be illegal!

 Top Ten List – Ten Great Sakes To Warm You up C

2) Kenbishi “Black Pine”

  • The ultimate warming sake brand! Kenbishi IS warm sake. Without a doubt the most well-known and popular warming sake in Japan. It is legendary for a reason and that reason is to be warmed. If you've never warmed Kenbishi then you are not a sake drinker!

 1) Kamoizumi “Shusen” Three Dots

  • So do we have a favorite sake to warm at True Sake? Yes we do and it’s all about the Three Dots! One of those very special sake experiences, this brew works absolute wonders when warmed. You should trust us!
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