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Seasonal Sake – The Seasonal Namas Continue To Drop

Seasonal Sake – The Seasonal Namas Continue To Drop

Ha! I remember the days of begging for Namazake! Yup. We would bitch and moan to our importers and distributors about getting more and more unpasteurized brews to tantalize our living sake senses. Be careful what you wish for! Yes, the Nama spicket is on and flowing with regularity, and if you’re smart you would jump on all of these seasonal super stars. 

In fact there are so many Namas raining down from the sake heavens that somebody (we won’t mention any names *cough*cough* It's Beau) hasn’t had the time to gather all the reviews for each of these brews. But if you’re interested in knowing more just give us a call or shoot us an email for some recommendations, and past reviews are generally pretty close. Most of the names are familiar, but there are a lot of new brews to choose from. Time to get fresh if you haven’t already been enjoying all of these seasonal sake drops! 
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