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New Store Arrivals – Kubota Snow Peak – Shichida “Natsujun” – Takachiyo – Fukunishiki

New Store Arrivals – Kubota Snow Peak – Shichida “Natsujun” – Takachiyo – Fukunishiki


Kubota “Snow Peak” 

From Niigata Prefecture. Junmai Daiginjo. SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.2

The nose on this “Concept” sake is a gentle collection of honeydew, green apple, rose water, and snowmelt aromas. Using Gohyakumangoku brewing rice and lowering the alcohol content to 14% this extremely nuanced sake is made to be consumed out doors picnic style. Light, clean, slipper, silky, and smooth this beauty has a sneaky body and complexity to it. I call it “Clean Complexity” as it is refreshing and gentle, but there is a lot going on in this very stylized sake. Look for hints of red apple, melon, citrus, blueberry and that subtle snowmelt flintiness. You could say that it is refreshing and guessing! Guessing? Yes, because it leaves you guessing how they made such an easy drinking sake that has so many facets to! The packaging itself is stunning, but the fluid is the clear winner, and so too will you be if you gift this sake to a picnic friend. WORD: Clean WINE: Crisp Reds/Gentle Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Picnic fare, veggies, shellfish, oysters, sashimi. $47/500ml

Shichida “Natsujun”

From Saga Prefecture. Namachozo Junmai. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.6

The nose on this “Summer Draft” sake is a cool collection of melon, sweet rice, peach, powder sugar, bamboo, and mint aromas. Nothing says summer like this cool bottle of a single pasteurized sake from Saga. Always a fan favorite this brew drinks like a dream that is plump, semi-viscous, bright, and lively. The fluid is almost fluffy in nature and it lifts up great flavors such as apple, young pear, mango, raisin, with loads of umami goodness. How can a brew be heavy in body drink so light? How can a brew be so subtle yet so rich? It’s the summer factor! This bottle has liquid summer inside. WORD: Fun WINE: Rich Reds/Bright Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Summer fare, grilled things, barbequed things, pizza, American sushi. $42/720ml

Takachiyo “Green”

From Niigata Prefecture. Nama Junmai Origarami. SMV: NA Acidity: NA

The nose on this unpasteurized “misty” sake is an amazing collection of yeast, rice, soup, yogurt, broth, and savory aromas. Say what? With an aroma profile like that how does this sake taste? In a word it is a liquid carnival of sorts. Talk about a sake that is worth discussing – where do we begin? First and foremost the brewers reveal absolutely zero details about this magical brew. That alone is a signal that something is up! But what? Zesty, frothy, bright, lively, beefy, and ricey the flavors simply explode in the palate. It is literally like putting your face in a large vat of freshly brewed sake and drinking deeply! Cherry, peach, apricot, lemon yogurt, and veggie flavors dance on a fluid that is spastic in the palate, but with all of the action there is such sake satisfaction. Is this brew for everybody? I don’t know, but it is for those who want to walk to the four corners of the sake universe to explore new and exotic offerings. WORD: Carnival WINES: Beaujolais BEERS: Fruity Stouts FOODS: Throw this sake at anything and it will stick! $40/720ml

Fukunishiki “Bansyu” Old Style

From Hyogo Prefecture. Kimoto Junmai. SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.9

The nose on this traditionally made “Kimoto” or pole rammed sake is a cool collection of nutty, cheesy, creamy, toasty, buttery, and ricey aromas. This classic old style sake is made with a Hyogo rice varietal called Yumenishiki milled to 70% and drinks creamy and smooth. Soft, round, and gentle it is a great sake to play with at three different temperatures. Look for sweet nuts, cream, earth tones, toast, and ricey flavors that are balanced with a hint of wood and sweet rice components. As the fluid warms in the glass the brew gets even more creamy and savory. This is a classic Kimoto sake that is great for beginners and will fascinate sake enthusiasts. WORD: Creamy WINE: Soft Reds/Creamy Whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: Everything grilled, pasta, steaks, meats, and game. $34/720ml

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