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The “Beau Zone Layer” - Tsukinokatsura “Iwai”

The “Beau Zone Layer” - Tsukinokatsura “Iwai”

From Kyoto Prefecture


SMV: +3 Acidity:1.6


One of the fun things about the Beau Zone Layer is pointing out and recommending sakes that are a little bit different and unique and in some cases make you say “What the heck?” Kyoto Prefecture is known for growing one of the most expensive rice varietals in the brewing world called “Iwai.” It’s an elegant rice varietal that is typically used for very high-end Daiginjo class sakes. So when a brewery makes a sake using Iwai that has a seimaibuai of 80% it makes you scratch your head and say “What the heck?”  I love everything about this sake from its cool label to the absolute drinking like velvet experience of a sake that is viscous, smooth, and creamy. And guess what? It’s ricey! A lovely ricey flavor that reminds you that sake is indeed made with rice and water. Oh and talk about water! This brewery sits smack dab in one of the best water regions in Japan known for a softness and finesse that drinks like a dream. Wake up! You’re not dreaming.


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