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Sake Steal – Tonoike Shuzo’s Award Winning Sanran JDG at a Discount

Sake Steal – Tonoike Shuzo’s Award Winning Sanran JDG at a Discount

Every once in a while mistakes happen in the sake industry. It’s unavoidable. But Mei has become a master at fixing bad situations and is always finding the silver lining for our customers and you Newsletter readers.


As fate would have it we received two items on the same day. The first was a wrong case of Junmai Daiginjo sake that was delivered to the store. We had ordered a case of Tonoike BO Junmai Daiginjo, but received a case of Sanran Junmai Daiginjo instead. Yes, Tonoike Shuzo from Tochigi Prefecture produces two killer brands. Crap! So what happened next? Well, in my inbox I received another brewery update letter from Haruna-San, the head of Sales and Export at Tonoike, informing us that the brewery was wrapping up it’s brewing season and they won some very good medals at the International Wine Challenge 2021.

In fact, the case of Sanran Junmai Daiginjo had not only won a Gold Medal at the IWC it also won The Nanbu Toji Association Award for Excellence. So what to do with an award winning case of killer Junmai Daiginjo sake? Do we send it back to our awesome partners at EHH Enterprises? Or do we take those 12 glorious bottles and sell them at a discount to the first 12 True Sake Newsletter Readers?


Mei being Mei, said let the readers have a special deal!


So you get the first look at a specially priced world class Sanran Junmai Daiginjo from Tonoike Shuzo for being amazing!

The 12 bottles go on sale the day the Newsletter is released (today) at a 25% discount for you fabulous readers. Act quickly!

Shop Sanran Junmai Daiginjo

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