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The “Beau Zone Layer” - Dewatsuru “Sakura Emaki”

The “Beau Zone Layer” - Dewatsuru “Sakura Emaki”

From Akita Prefecture
SMV: -24 Acidity: 2.5
Who’s ready to try a new world sake with an old school rice varietal? Say what? Yup, when you look at this bottle all you see is adventure! Why? Well look at that color first. Did they add food coloring? Is it one of those new Red Yeast sakes everybody is talking about? Is it infused? No No and No. Say hello to a lower alcohol sake (12%) that is made with a very old as in ancient purple rice varietal. Purple rice? You bet! The color of this Junmai sake is sort of rosé-like and it’s purely natural. And then your mind kicks into gear and you start to imagine that you taste cranberries, sweet tomatoes, and other red flavors. But there is so much more, because this brew is one of those great feeling sakes that coats the palate as it travels over it! Akita prefecture is known for fat or viscous style brews and this Emaki is no exception. It drinks you as much as you drink it! The SMV would lead you to believe that this is a very sweet sake, but it’s not because of the elevated acidity. There is a gentle sweetness, but the fun is in the flavor and feeling. Get your purple on!  
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