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Yuki Otoko Junmai Cup "Abominable Snowman"

dry, dry, dry.
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Size: 180ml

The nose on this abominable snowman cup sake is a mild collection of cantaloupe, steamed rice, pear, and snow melt aromas. This is one of the most popular cups in the store, and for good reason. It’s soft, clean, smooth, and dry, with a very quick finish. This is one of those “flow” sakes that flows easily across the palate in a refreshing and dry way. Semi-viscous, round, and soft, look for pear, kiwi, dried apple, steamed rice, and icicle flavors that emulate luscious water. WORD: Snow WINE: Dry reds/Round whites BEER: Belgian ales FOODS: Salty, savory, greasy, fried, grilled, and bar snacks. (2022)