Product Image Yuki Otoko Junmai "Abominable Snowman"

Yuki Otoko Junmai JH111 "Abominable Snowman"

1.8L and 720ml sizes are available for special ordering only. Please call at 415-355-9555 to ask us about availability.

This very drinkable cup sake has a very gentle nose made up of cream, rice, and a hint of wood aromas. This is a very light and very dry brew that drinks quick and gone. There is an interesting layer of mint that comes out as the fluid warms. Consider this a cup of liquid rice and that’s what you are looking for in a cup sake right? Clean and drinkable. WORD: Dry WINE: Dry reds/woody whites BEER: Soft dry ales FOODS: Bar snacks.  

Prefecture: Niigata
SMV: +12
Acidity: 1.2

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