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Kikusui Junmai Ginjo "Chrysanthemum Water"

beau's first bottle ever sold.
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$14.00 - $33.00
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Size: 720ml
True Sake Founder/Owner Beau Timken recorded Kikusui as the first entry in his personal journal of over 200 sakes, and would later purchase Kikusui as his first case of sake. Thus, Kikusui "Chrysanthemum Water" holds a special place on our shelves. This Ginjo has a slightly fruity nose, with hints of citrus and persimmons. Kikusui has a confidently smooth beginning, with a gradual thickening viscosity that ends in a slightly salty aftertaste. Dry, sharp, and smooth according to most, this Ginjo sits well in the mouth, and will tease you with sweet fruit tones, and a dry finish. Kikusui is fermented at a lower temperature, and longer than most Ginjos, to rid the sake of the sometimes "heavy" characteristics of a Junmai. Thus, giving it an overall light and dry complexion. Gin and vodka drinkers will enjoy. WORD: Citrus WINE: Sharp Whites/Dry Reds BEER: Ales/Ambers FOODS: Suitable for light and stronger flavored dishes such as dim sum, chicken/pork with mild spice, creamy cheeses and fresh fruits.