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Ichinokura Suzune Sparkling "Chiming Bells"

discovered for the usa by true sake.
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Size: 300ml

This is the most celebrated Sparkling sake in Japan, and for good reason. The nose on this very limited release brew is a rich collection of yeast, melon, grape, and sweet rice elements. Behold, a Sparkling sake that drinks rich, bright, fat, and complex, on a fluid that excels in a sparkling wine glass. There are so many flavors going on during this tingly ride, but keep an eye out for honeydew melon, white grape, and a hint of powdered sugar. The key to this sake's success is its balance, and the reward is one of the best ways that you can ever enjoy rice and water. WORD: Balanced WINE: Sparkling Wines BEER: Rich Ales FOODS: Champagne fare.

-70 ~ -90
3.0 ~ 4.0