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Urakasumi Junmai Ginjo "Zen"

rich, round, balanced.
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Size: 720ml
The nose is a rich collection of butter, steamed rice, and a hint of mint. "Zen" is one of the great benchmark sake that has not changed in flavor and feeling over the past two decades. It is a historically important sake that was first produced to introduce Europeans to excellent sake. Rich, round, and solid, this sake speaks to red wine drinkers. Very smooth and velvety, and one of the best balanced sake in the business. Learn the term “savory” with this brew, and look for hints of milk chocolate, sweet nuts, rice pudding, and rich nougat flavors. If you’ve never tried "Zen", then you haven’t tasted one of the most classic sake in the history of this ancient libation. WORD: Balanced WINE: Complex reds/Dry whites BEER: Rich Belgian Ales FOODS: Seafood, shellfish, oysters, pasta, and stews.