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Kirinzan Junmai Ginjo

mysterious, clean, professional.
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Title: 720ml

What a bottle! Do good looks translate to good tastes? You bet, as the very mild nose on this Ginjo is a whisper of steamed rice, crushed leaves, cotton, and balsa wood. Huh? Yup – the nose has given this sake away as one of those “mystery” sake that every sake fan at some point must try. Why a mystery? Because there is so much going on here, but it is still just clean and simple and so easy to drink at all three different temperatures. Huh? A three temperature Niigata Ginjo? See what I am saying? Of course, this brew is clean and tight with a very nice tail. It is dry for sure, but call the Sake Sherlock Holmes because there is some peek-a-boo sweet rice, and a hint of cocoa elements that just appear. Differently sized glasses make the mystery all the more profound, and it’s time for you to solve this riddle. WORD: Professional WINE: Tight Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Clean cuisines that make you think.