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Chiyomusubi Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sorah “Beautiful Aurora"


The nose on this sparkling sake that uses the technique of secondary fermentation is a gentle collection of yeast, rice, white grape, and mineral aromas. Unlike other sparkling sake Sorah is filtered to remove extra rice particles and makes for a cleaner and tighter sparkling sake. As such it is very “Brute-like” and drinks dry with a gentle richness that has a touch of savory elements to it. Sorah is definitely ricey and does not drink fruity, sweet, or goopey, which makes it very good in a champagne flute drinking like your favorite tight bubbled Brute. There is a welcoming hint of creaminess and some dried apple elements, but the strength is in the Tottori sourced rice, which drinks dry, lively, and very well-balanced. A perfect sake to celebrate happy times and good fortune. It’s Japanese “Champagne” at it’s finest! WORD: Dry WINE: Sparkling Wines BEER: Crisp dry ales FOODS: Champagne Fare.