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Masumi Arabashiri Junmai Ginjo Nama "First Run"

Junmai Ginjo Nama

The nose on our longest selling seasonal sake is a brilliant collection of grapefruit, lemon cookie, tangerine, floral, and yeasty aromas. Masumi Arabashiri has a fan base like no other unpasteurized brew in the store; people love it! This year’s version drinks like the past with a little more viscosity and a touch of sweetness. Tangy, crisp, zesty, juicy, fresh, lively, this sake drinks active in the glass with a frisky and fun attitude. Look for pomelo, honeydew, sweet rice, honeysuckle, ganache, white chocolate, grapefruit, and minerals that end in a crisp flinty finish. One of the top selling exported seasonal nama sake of all time and for good reason. Time to get your “First Run” on. WORD: Fresh WINE: Beaujolais BEER: Fruity Ales FOODS: International spice, western sushi, caviar, cheese plates, fruit plates, citrus based dishes. (2022)


The nose on this store's favorite, seasonally released sake, is a great collection of green apple, citrus, kiwi, melon, and green grass aromas. Say hello to a new label and a new expression of Masumi’s Arabashiri that has been at True Sake for over a decade. This season’s version has a little more upfront sweetness, but don’t be alarmed because it’s glorious. Zesty, frisky, juicy, bright, and semi-viscous, this brew dances with layers of fruit tones and has a nice slippery finish. Look for grape, citrus, apple, pear, fleshy papaya, and melon ball flavors that create chewy fun action. With 18% ABV this living and breathing brew is a wonderful food pairing sake that drinks great with a meal and just as great by itself. A larger glass brings forth more activity and wine-like elements. WORD: Fruity WINE: Bright Reds / Crisp Whites BEER: Fruity Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, International spice, acidic cuisines, cheese and fruit plates, Oysters, and shellfish. (2021)