Product Image Shichida Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama

Shichida Junmai Ginjo Muroka NamaSE57

Four Hot Words: Fruity, Flavorful, Lively and Crisp

It’s Spring Nama Season and the nose on this unpasteurized beauty is a unique collection of grapefruit, peach, lemon peel, and steamed rice aromas. Talk about a big, sweet, and sexy nama! This non-charcoal-filtered (Muroka) sake is not a Nigori, but it drinks similar to one. It is a very full-bodied brew with a “gotcha” first sip. The sweetness is more bright than sweet with a gentle acidity play. Chewy, layered, and really fun in the glass. Look for honeydew melon, ripe pear, and peach compote flavors that drink semi-sweet upfront, but finish balanced and very tasty. WORD: Honey WINE: Chewy Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Sweet Ales FOODS: International Spice from tacos to curry, American sushi, and large pastas.(2019)

Not a lot of Saga sake is available in the US, but this brewery is a great representative of sake from that region. With a powerhouse nose of plums, grapes, sweet beets, and sweet rice aromas this “raw” sake is a party in your glass. It’s a big party as it is crazy bright and very frisky. There is a lot of tingle in each sip, which makes for a refreshing, lively, and edgy drinking experience. A very nice assortment of crispy apple, tight pear, and young mango flavors with a vein of grape and dried fruits. It is an exciting fluid that is brisk, brash and darn near electric. I wrote “tingle time” in my notes and I was very impressed with how the flavor and feeling of this brew jumps right out of the glass. WORD: Bright WINE: Hot reds/Crisp whites BEER: Crisp ales FOODS: This big brew can dance with every food partner, stick to bigger (2018)

Prefecture: Saga
SMV: +0
Acidity: 1.4

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Note: Because namas are unpasteurized, they must be kept chilled. We will only ship out these types of sake under your own risk. We highly recommend store pick-up or local delivery only which you can select when you go to checkout. All sales are final for Nama items once they leave our store.

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