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Aizu Homare Jun Kome Koji Choki Jukusei All Rice Malt Vintage

elegant, sweet, refreshing.
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Size: 375ml

The nose on this unique and extremely flavorful “expression” of sake is a vast collection of apricot, burnt caramel, butter, caramel, maple syrup, soy sauce, and mushroom aromas. Koji rice is normally a portion of the rice used to make “normal” sake, but this sake uses 100% koji rice and the result is a rich and full-bodied sake drinking experience. Smooth, round, viscous, chewy, and with a kicking acidity this All Koji has an 18% ABV which makes this brew drink complex and hot (meaning acidity plus alcohol).  Look for amazing flavors such as burnt caramel, sourdough toast, lemon, orange peel in brandy, brown sugar, Chinese herbs, flan, and cocoa flavors that drink almost like an Ice wine with attitude. If you are exploring sake or enjoy after dinner brews this sake is for you. WORD: Rich WINE: Port/Sherry/Ice Wine BEER: Stouts FOODS: Aperitif, chocolate, huge pork chops, spicy Chinese fare, cigars, and cheese, nuts, and cured meats.