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Tonoike (Bo:) Tokubetsu Junmai

The nose on this very unique Junmai sake is vast collection of cream, nougat, cocoa, and steamed rice dessert aromas. Behold an eye-opening new world Junmai sake that is all things rich, but also all things bright and light. How do they do that? Ricey, zesty, light-bodied with a full-body sprightliness, creamy, and very layered. Huh? So much action in the glass this brew is one to really get crazy with. There are hints of cocoa, cinnamon and ripe persimmon with a vein of creaminess that is very buoyant in the glass. A full-bodied sake, but made to be light and lively, which is both satisfying and refreshing. Basically this Junmai takes rice to a new altitude and that view is amazing. WORD: Bright-Rich WINE: Tight reds/Zesty whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Can handle full-bodied fare with ease and can go light as well.