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Born Nihon no Tsubasa Aged Junmai Daiginjo "Wing of Japan"

aged 2 years+, simple complexity.
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Size: 720ml

This expressive Daiginjo has been aged for over two years and has a nose filled with cherries, red grapes, yellow peppers and iceberg lettuce. Simple complexity! This is one of those brews that everybody should try at least once. Why? Because it is without borders – the flavor is so unique and the fluid itself is even more baffling. It’s as if the sake expands in your mouth, almost a "springing-back-into-shape" feeling after being muted by the two years of aging. It is so calm and yet so dynamic. There is layer of fruit – strawberry - on a clean and “bouncy” fluid wing. The expansion of feeling and flavor factor is so impressive! WORD: Simple Complexity WINE: Pinot Noir/Fat Whites BEER: Pilsner FOODS: Pâtés, foie gras, avocados, shellfish.