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Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo "Otter Festival"

best of the best from dassai.
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Size: 720ml
Say hello to one of the most polished sakes in Japan. This sake has been milled to 23% and it is in a class by itself. With a nose of grapes, flowers, strawberries, and mineral water, the flavor is as luscious as the aroma. Dassai 23 is a clean and plump Daiginjo with chapters of flavors wrapped in a deep and layered structure. Look for hints of brown sugar, fleshy plums, and minerals. As the sake gets closer to room temp, it starts to taste more like water. WORD: 23% WINE: Merlot/Soft Chardonnay BEER: Soft Ales FOODS: Best to drink as is!