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Emishiki Junmai Ginjo "World Peace"

Junmai Ginjo
The nose on this sake made using a “Hana” or flower yeast is an incredible collection of apple, mineral, blueberry, rice pudding, banana, and plum aromas. Who wants to pump up the complexity volume? World Peace is exactly that, a very cool concept sake made with Yamadanishiki milled to 50% that drinks complex and very confidently. It is a solid brew, which means it’s very well balanced. Round, chewy, and rich. It drinks smooth, bright & very velvety, which means chewy & viscous. There are deep fruit tones that drink more rich than sweet. Look for pear compote, blueberry, red grape, apple juice, peach, and pear flavors that float on the plump liquid. Complexity and smiles! A true impact sake that has body, shape, and revels in balance. Look at the label and think confident. WORD: Complexity WINE: Juicy Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Fruity Ales FOODS: Meat, fowl, and game, complex pastas and roasts.