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Fukukomachi Daiginjo “Fair-Lady Komachi”

The nose on this special brew is a glorious collection of green apple, tangerine, orange blossom, lemon custard, pear, melon, and Gardena aromas. Say hello to a talking sake. Huh? Yes, this amazing Daiginjo from Akita Prefecture made with Yamadanishiki brewing rice milled to 40% talks-the-talk. It literally begins a conversation on the first sip, which is electric with a tingle and just pops in the palate. We call this type of sake an “exciting” brew that drinks very vivid with bright and juicy flavors. Look for mango, papaya, candied ginger, berry, orange candy, melon, ripe peach, white pepper, and crisp fruit flavors. Delicious and exhilarating this Daiginjo is world class in that it has so many flavors that go in so many directions and yet it ties back together with great balance. And that is the hallmark of great brewing technique. WORD: Exciting WINE: Crisp Reds/Bright Whites BEER: Crisp Fruity Ales FOODS: Shellfish, sashimi, oysters, fruit salads, champagne fare.