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Gasanryu Kisaragi Daiginjo "February"

bright, crisp, slippery.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this award-winning sake is a subtle collection of melon, pear and peach aromas. And yet another amazing sake from a killer brewery that makes sakes with attitude. "February" is a nice slippery Daiginjo with slow moving flavors that show up as the fluid warms across the palate. Bright, crisp, juicy, and drinkable, look for hints of mango, pear, and apple flavors with a little acidic kick. Crisp white wine drinkers take note of a juicy and tight brew that is slippery from start to the finish. A larger glass brings out more bounce! WORD: Slippery WINE: Juicy Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Clean fare, sushi, sashimi, shellfish, oysters.