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Heiwa Shuzo KID Red Rice "Aka"

ancient red rice, bright, lively.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this unique sake that uses an unpolished ancient red rice strain (Akamai) and blended with Gohyakumangoku milled to 55% is an awesome collection of fig, cherry, plum leaf, raisin, grenadine, and a hint of nectarine aromas. But why is it red? Some sakes are red, because of the yeast, and others are red because of the rice. This KID “Aka” is a red rice play, and what a great tasting brew it is chilled or even warmed up. Round, velvety, watery, slippery and very smooth, it drinks semi-sweet with a dry finish, and possesses a ton of amazing flavors. Look for honey, umeshu, watermelon, cherry, sarsaparilla, vanilla, berries 'n cream, and pear juice flavors that roll on an umami flow that drinks soft and very refreshing. Is it the color or does this brew speak to rose fans? At 13% ABV, this sake is made very well, and is understandable for those looking to enjoy a red rice experience. In a word, this sake is built well by incredible sake brewers. WORD: Red WINE: Soft Reds/Rose BEER: Soft Fruity Ales FOODS: Fruit and cheese plates, charcuterie, rose fare, poke bowls, pate, smoked fish and fowl.