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Ine Mankai Junmai Genshu “Ine’s Full Bloom”

made with red rice.

The nose on this one-of-a-kind brew is a vast collection of beets, orange, black olive, cherry syrup, prosciutto, kanbu, winter spices, and bone broth aromas. Made by a female toji who likes to make sake her way, this brew is part magic, part ancient red rice varietal (Murasaki Komachi), and part acidity thunderstorm. Put them all together and you get an amazing exploration sake that speaks to enthusiasts and natural wine fans alike. Lighter than previous versions this unique brew is smooth, round, rich, layered, acidic, tart, expansive, aggressive, and loaded with umami and a firm personality. Thick and viscous flavors such as raisin, cranberry, cherries in syrup, cocoa, plantains, smoked meats, chocolate, olive, and pomegranate slowly glide across the palate with a thirsty acidity that elevates everything. An adventure as much as a sake! WORD: Unique WINE: Massive reds/Meaty Whites BEER: Beefy Stouts FOODS: It’s a meal in the glass, NorCal cuisine, fresh meats and veggies.