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Ine Mankai Junmai Genshu “Ine’s Full Bloom”


The nose on this incredibly unique ancient red rice sake is a spectacular blend of beet, plum, mushroom, meat, and smoky savory aromas. Say hello to an incredible sake that is both wacky and wonderful. Let’s face is it – some sakes are made for sake enthusiasts and this brew that uses a red rice varietal called Murasaki Komachi that was milled to 73% is one of those brews. Look at the numbers! Sweet in appearance with a robust acidity this sake is like War and Peace in liquid form. It is HUGE! Fat and sweet, chunky and funky, soft and gooey, viscous and rich, it is all that plus more. Each sip is a mouthful of flavors with a long and gooey walk through the palate with an expansive personality and a sake drinker’s wit! Lots of legs on the glass with this brew and behold a vast collection of unique flavors such as beet, veggies, beefy, and savory elements with a peek-a-boo chicory or bitter twinkle. Was that chicken soup I tasted? Maybe! This is a food pairing monster sake that Frankenstein would be proud to have in his glass. WORD: BEEFY WINE: Huge Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: The kitchen sink!