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Kamikokoro Momo Honjozo "Peach"

juicy, smooth, peach.
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Size: 500ml
The nose on this peach infused sake made with the best peaches from the best peach producing area in Japan has a classic collection of peach, canned peach, vanilla, orange peel, fruit cup, rock sugar, mochi, and steamed rice aromas. Yes, this is a flavored sake, but it is way more than that, as it is brewed extremely well and tastes more elegant than soda-like. Light, silky, watery, juicy, and semi-sweet, it drinks very gently and is quite refreshing. Again, it is light and not cloying with a gentle 8% ABV that makes this great for cocktails, and beautiful on it’s own. Look for ripe peach, powdered sugar, mandarin orange, lychee, lunch fruit cup, cherry, and pear flavors that roll on a light and clean flow, with a quick finish. Time to get your “momo” on. WORD: Peach WINE: Sweet Reds/Whites BEERS: Fruity Ales FOODS: Cheese and fruit plates, fruit based salads, cocktail fare, and desserts.