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Kamitaka Mizumoto Junmai "Octopus Label"

ricey, dry, bright.
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Size: 720ml

Review from Beau Timken coming soon!

From the importer Tokiwa Imports:

Eigashima Shuzo is located on the Akashi Coast in Hyogo Prefecture where strong ocean currents produce exceptionally delicious and abundant fish. And naturally, good food always goes with good sake.

This region boasts a long tradition of growing the best sake rice in Japan. Eigashima Shuzo uses 100% local Hyogo grown rice as well as the ancient brewing method, Mizumoto [(similar to Bodaimoto)]. This method creates a sake with rich umami that fits well with a wide range of cuisines. The non-charcoal filtering allows the sake to retain its soft, inviting, [golden] hue.

This versatile sake has a surprising acidity, with rich and deep umami, a soft rice aroma, and a dry finish. Nice served chilled, best served room temp, wonderful served warm.