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Kamoizumi Shusen Junmai Ginjo "Three Dots"

mushrooms, smoked wood, thick.
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Size: 900ml
This Junmai Ginjo is on the opposite end of the spectrum to a fruity and floral sake. It has a full nose of shiitake mushrooms, woodsy earth tones, and damp leaves. This is a very deep Junmai Ginjo that starts soft and ends with a deep exhale of mushrooms and smoked wood. There is a very soft creaminess that is thick and chewy (almost like a moderately sweet sherry), and subtle anisette flavoring turns into a honey-like aftertaste when the sake warms up. This sake is best served room temperature or slightly warmed. WORD: Shiitake Mushroom WINE: Deep Rich Reds BEER: Ambers/Stouts FOODS: Duck, meat, barbecue, risotto.