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Kidoizumi Junmai Ginjo Yamahai Muroka Nama Genshu "Hanafubuki"

high acid, complex, elegant.
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Size: 720ml

*NOTE: This sake is unpasteurized. We can ship unpasteurized sake, however it is at the customer's discretion. It's best to avoid shipping unpasteurized sake during extremely hot summers or freezing cold winters. When completing a purchase of unpasteurized sake from True Sake, you are giving us the OK to ship unpasteurized sake to you. Feel free to call or email us if you have more questions.

From the importer: Zev Rovine Selections:

Region: Chiba
Rice Variety: Hanafubuki
Type: junmai, muroka, namagenshu
Polishing Rate: 60%
ABV: 18%
Ingredients: rice, water, kōji
Brewing: high temperature yamahai, unfiltered, undiluted, unpasteurized
Serving Temperature: lightly chilled

The Kido Izumi brewery has been around since its creation in 1879. Hayato Shōji is the fifth generation of master brewer and brewery master. He has been pursuing with the traditions by using natural fermentation and old brewing techniques that were developed by his predecessors. This is the only brewery in Japan that uses the hot Yamahai method to start the fermentation. In fact, this technique was developed and introduced by the third master brewer at Kido Izumi back in 1956. They also were one of the first brewery to offer aged sake.