Product Image Katafune Koshino Sesshu Junmai Nigori

Katafune Koshino Sesshu Junmai NigoriNI23

Four Hot Words: Creamy, Coconut, Off-Dry & Fresh
The nose on this coarsely filtered unfiltered or “Nigori” sake is a loaded with minty, milky, yogurt and vanilla aromas. Say hello to a really cool sake. Why cool? It’s different, but more importantly is really tasty! Take a look at those chunks or flakes of unfermented rice particles. This is no nigori bum-rush of flavor, this is smooth and balanced brew that happens to have some serious texture. It’s not dry and it’s not sweet, in fact you can call it a connoisseur’s nigori for all of the wonderful balance involved with each sip. There is a great rice flavor that is more milky than creamy and a touch of pulp! Look for sweet rice and coconut licks, but enjoy all of the movement and the residual on your glass. WORD: Professional Nigori WINE: Nope BEER: Not Really FOODS: International spices, cheese boards, dried fruits, dry desserts.   
Prefecture: Niigata
SMV: -10
Acidity: 1.7

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