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Noguchi Naohiko Limited Edition 01

legendary, one-of-a-kind.
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Size: 770ml

*NOTE: This sake is unpasteurized. We can ship unpasteurized sake, however it is at the customer's discretion. It's best to avoid shipping unpasteurized sake during extremely hot summers or freezing cold winters. When completing a purchase of unpasteurized sake from True Sake, you are giving us the OK to ship unpasteurized sake to you. Feel free to call or email us if you have more questions.

When one of the most decorated sake makers in the history of sake comes out of retirement, you know the effort of this 89 year-old would be awesome. In fact, just like the brewer himself, this is a one-of-a-kind sake. The nose on this aged brew is a special collection of plum, cherry, fig, pear, apple, grains, and powder sugar aromas. In a word, this is a deliciously different sake that is dry, tight, crisp, and clean with a very quick finish. Sake enthusiasts rejoice, because “Naohiko 01” will fascinate you, and first time sake drinkers will be blown away. It’s clean, but so compact that the fluid feels dryer, which is amazing with all of the feelings that glide through the palate. Look for an array of flavors such as raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, ripe apple, melon, blood orange, peach with a gentle mineral tail. The strength of this world-class brew is in the technique. Like many high-end sake, the ingredients are top of the line, but what separates this brew from the rest is the technique involved. You can literally taste the difference of this sake, and indeed it is different. Best consumed when opened and in a wine glass that perfectly balances the shibumi, acidity, and kire. Take note also of the impeccable bottle that looks like a grain of rice and sounds like the perfect pour each time. Priced for distinction, but appreciated for the love of sake making. WORD: One of a kind WINE: Complex dry reds/ Crisp dry mineral whites BEER: Tight Ales FOODS: Everything and Nothing