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Senkin Organic Kimoto Kioke Junmai 2023 "Nature"

wild yeast, technical, amazing.
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Size: 720ml

*New 2023 bottling! Our stock photo needs updating. -Chris

The nose on this organic traditionally made wood vat or “Kioke” sake is an outstanding collection of apple cider, rice vinegar, lemon juice, pear, green apple, honeydew, and balsa wood aromas. This is one of those “stop the presses” sakes that everybody who likes sake should try at some point. In a word, it’s insane for what it is, and the end result is both a sake and wine drinker’s dream come true. Using ancient Kameno-o rice milled just to 90%, using the Kimoto or pole-rammed technique, fermented in a wooden vat and with an ABV of 14% genshu, then you get a bottle-full of wildness that should drink spastic and rough, but actually drinks light, bright, crisp, and zesty with a nutty and umami-filled finish. This modern feeling sake that has light shibumi and tantalizing acidity play hides a host of flavors such as apple, grapefruit, young pear, Granny Smith, nectarine, apricot, ginger, sea kelp, Lemon Heads, and mineral water. This is a true treat for sake drinkers who like organic old-school sake making with a modern wine-like finish. WORD: 90% WINE: Zesty Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Grilled fare, hearty cuisines, chops, fine dining, duck, burgers.