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Shirataki Jozen Junmai Ginjo "White"

clean & pristine.
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Size: 720ml
The nose on this clean and pristine sake is a collection of cherry, mineral water, corn, pineapple, and cotton candy elements. Is this the new old Jozen, or the old new Jozen? Who cares, because this sake is light, clean, and dry with an underbelly of flavors such as melon, sweet rice, and vanilla. Talk about a juicy feeling with a silky delivery, this smooth operator tastes fresh with a quick finish. Lighter than its pink bottle sister sake, this brew speaks to those who like flavor, and cutting finishes that are dry and gentle. Think clean and drinkable. WORD: Clean WINE: Soft reds/Dry whites BEER: Light beers FOODS: Sashimi, sushi, steamed fish, tofu, light complexity fare.