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Shirataki Noujun Uonuma Junmai "80%"

roasted rice, honey, special.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this unique sake is a wonderful collection of butterscotch, caramel, and maple syrup candy aromas. Why is this sake special? Because it has only been milled or polished to 80%, which isn’t that much but draws and emphasis on feeling and flavor. This brew is superb and shows you how tasty and confident a true Junmai sake can taste. Smooth and lush, rich and round, and layered and balanced. This sake represents and a new fuller bodied sake coming from Niigata prefecture and it drinks like a dream. There is a solid roasted rice vein with hints of honey and a dash of caramel tones. Great chilled and superb coming into room temp. WORD:Special WINE: Full Bodied Reds/ Large whites BEER: Full Bodied Reds/ Large whites FOODS: The works, salty and savory, rich flavors, and even soups and stews.