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Tedorigawa Mangekyo Junmai Daiginjo "Kaleidoscope"

extremely hard to find.
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Size: 720ml

Limit 1 bottle per household per customer. Any attempts to obtain more than 1 bottle per household per customer will be refunded immediately. This is True Sake's attempt at letting everyone get to try Mangekyo "Kaleidoscope", not just collectors.

Truly a connoisseur’s experience this one of a kind Daiginjo has an aroma profile filled with cherries, white grapes, ginger and aloe vera. For those who know their wines behold a sake that transcends layers of grape flavors and achieves a personality that one can never find in a fruit juice. Fat, silky, beefy, and solid do not do justice to this brew that drinks crisp, bright and dry. There are hints of mint, white grape, and tangerine elements with a finish that speaks to those who like a hint of clean twang.  WORD: Brisk WINE: Sharp Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Tight Ales FOODS: Rich and savory cuisine from the grill and from oil.