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Tengumai Junmai Daiginjo "50"

steamed rice, rich, velvety.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this very famous Noto sake brewery Daiginjo is a cool collection of pear, apple, oatmeal, breakfast cereal, steamed rice, and fresh rain aromas. Soft, smooth, rich but light, slippery, and velvety, this brew is a tremendous “feeling” sake that is juicy, round, and semi-viscous that drinks incredibly balanced and has a quick umami driven finish. Look for fig, raisin, pear in juice, oatmeal, apple pie, fleshy mango, fruit cereal bar, and honey flavors that roll across the palate and drink you as much as you drink them. A white wine glass brings out more Junmai Daiginjo qualities, and this is one of the great unassuming premium brews that is easy to drink and punches way above its weight class. WORD: Smooth WINE: Fat Reds/Smooth Whites BEER: Creamy Belgians FOODS: Izakaya and pub fare, pastas, grilled anything, and American sushi.