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Tsukiakari Junmai Ginjo "Moon Light"

smooth, rich, cocoa.
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Size: 300ml

This unique Junmai Ginjo uses a local Shiga Prefecture brewing rice called Ginfubuki, and that may account for the nice rich cocoa flavor that courses through the smooth fluid. The nose on this sake is a dusty collection of dried rice, cocoa, and balsa wood aromas. I always like saying a sake is rich and tastes like chocolate, and this is the case here. Smooth, rich, round, and full-bodied, this is not your too fruity or too clean Junmai Ginjo. Rather, it is a good expression of sake that has nougat, cream, and chocolate flavors galore. Enjoy a full-bodied Junmai Ginjo that speaks to those who like rich wines and beers. WORD: Cocoa WINE: Rich reds/smooth whites BEER: Belgians FOODS: Rich fare, salty, savory, off the grill.