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Tsukinoi Nanotsuki 80 Junmai "The Moon's Well"

organic, ricey, dry.
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Size: 720ml

This brewery loves their own estate grown rice so much they put rice grains under the label to prove their fascination. The nose on this JSA certified Organic sake is a great collection of cooked peach, pear, cinnamon, and cocoa aromas. How refreshing to drink a sake that actually tastes like rice in today’s age of fruity sake. This is a sake drinker’s brew with loads of rich and ricey flavors on a very dry fluid. The finish is very quick, which is impressive after upfront flavors of cocoa, wheat, roasted rice, and cinnamon. Very large in flavor and very easy in feeling means that this bottle disappears pretty quickly. There is a gentle bitter vein that speaks to coffee fans, and as the fluid warms look for some wood tones. A food-pairing monster. WORD: Ricey WINE: Dry Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Bitter Ales FOODS: Great for the grill and BBQ, things on a stick, salty and savory.