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Watanabe Shuzoten Junmai Muroka Genshu W Underground

elegant, supreme, pinnacle.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this “Ultra” Daiginjo is a stunning collection of strawberry, mango, grape, raspberry, and sweet rice aromas. Talk about a statement sake! Behold a work of art that is the pinnacle of brewing for this fabled Gifu brewery. Using special Yamadanishiki rice from the famed Miki District in Hyogo Prefecture, and polished for 150 hours to achieve a milling rate of 18%. This elegant and smooth world class sake will tantalize all of your senses. Soft, clean, round, juicy, silky, and light, the nuances of this brew will amaze you with a finish that is a whisper of umami and gentle fruit tones. Look for pear, apple, honeydew, strawberry, sweet rice, grape, and cherry flavors that glide effortlessly through the palate. A white wine glass makes all of these flavors and feelings bind together with a gentle minerality and supreme elegance. WORD: Elegant WINE: Soft Reds/Clean Whites BEER: Gentle Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, Champagne fare, shellfish, caviar, and oysters.